Use JWP release channels (Web Player)

Learn about player release channels.

The web player automatically updates to the latest release. These automatic updates ensure that your users have the highest quality of service and benefit from the latest fixes. If you are an Enterprise customer, you can select a slower update frequency and change between automatic update speeds.

Release ChannelDescription
Latest(Default) Most current and stable production release
Preview*Upcoming release currently undergoing regression testing

Use this release channel to test your current player implementation against the upcoming Latest channel release. This helps to prevent surprises that might impact your users' viewing experiences.
Previous*Last release prior to the Latest channel release
Downgrade*Last patch release of the minor before the minor release on the Latest channel
Biannual*Updated only twice per year (on the first Wednesday of February and August) to the release that is six months old at the time.

* Available to Enterprise customers only.


Here is an outline of what our releases contain and approximately how often they occur.

TypeRelease cadenceTime on Preview channel before productionContentsExample version
Major release~1-2 years4-8 weeksInnovative new features, breaking changes8.0.0
Minor releaseQuarterly1-2 weeksImproved and new features, bug fixes8.1.0
Patch releaseBi-weekly1-3 daysQuick, generally urgent bug fixes with no new functionality8.1.1

Selecting a Channel

Channels can easily be set at the player level directly within the Player Builder:

  1. From the Players list page, click Create Player or click the name of an existing player.
  2. In the right-side pane under the preview player, scroll to the Release Channels section.
  3. Select a release channel from the Channel drop-down menu.

You can also use our Management API to set the channel for a particular player.