Configure OMID (Android)

Enable third-party viewability, verification measurement, and vendor restrictions through the Open Measurement Interface Definition.

The Android SDK includes support for the Open Measurement Interface Definition (OMID).
By default, Open Measurement functionality is enabled for both VAST and Google IMA. OMID permits several ad-related features:

  • Third-party viewability
  • Verification measurement
  • (VAST only) Vendor restrictions


The ad response must contain an AdVerifications node.

   <Verification vendor="">
       <JavaScriptResource apiFramework="omid" browserOptional="true">
           <Tracking event="verificationNotExecuted">

Customize OMID for VAST

OMID functionality is enabled by default for VAST, however you can use the following steps to customize the Open Measurement functionality:

  1. (Optional) Create an array of vendors allowed to execute scripts within the AdVerifications. If a verification script from an unauthorized vendor is found within an ad, the verificationNotExecuted script will be executed for the ad as per Open Measurement’s standard. If not defined, all vendors are assumed to be approved.

  2. Use OmidConfig.Builder() to create an Open Measurement config, OmidConfig. If defined in the previous step, be sure to pass the array of vendors allowed to execute scripts.

  3. Use VastAdvertisingConfig.Builder() to add the OmidConfig to the VastAdvertisingConfig object.

    List<String> allowedVendors = new ArrayList<>();
    OmidConfig omidConfig = new OmidConfig.Builder()
    VastAdvertisingConfig vast = new VastAdvertisingConfig.Builder()
    PlayerConfig playerConfig = new PlayerConfig.Builder()

Disable OMID

The IAB recommends implementing a kill switch to permit disabling OMID when a bad creative or verification data has been detected.


To disable OMID, set isOmidEnabled(false).

OmidConfig omidConfig = new OmidConfig.Builder()

Google IMA

To disable OMID, configure your ad server to not deliver the AdVerifications node. Contact your ad server representative for assistance.