Add the SDK (iOS)

Download the SDK and add the SDK to your iOS app.

To add JWP's video experience to your app, you must import the JWP iOS SDK (app) and then configure your project.

You can download the SDK using one of the following approaches:


If you have any problems completing any of these tasks and have a valid JWP license, please log a support ticket for assistance.


Install CocoaPods and create a Podfile

  1. At the Terminal prompt, enter gem install cocoapods to install CocoaPods.
  2. Enter cd <path-to-your-project>/<your-project>/ to navigate to your project directory.
  3. Enter pod init to create a file named Podfile. Podfile defines the dependencies for your project.

Edit the Podfile

  1. In a text editor, open Podfile.
  2. Set the iOS version to 12.0 or greater.
  3. If you are using Objective-C, you can comment out use_frameworks!.
  4. Add JWPlayerKit as a dependency. To add a specific version of the SDK, be sure to use the proper Podfile syntax.
  5. Save Podfile and close the text editor.

# Uncomment the next line to define a global platform for your project
platform :ios, '12.0'

target 'MyAwesomeProject' do
  # Comment the next line if you're not using Swift and don't want to use dynamic frameworks

  # Pods for MyAwesomeProject
  pod 'JWPlayerKit', '>= 4.0.0'

Install the SDK

  1. At the Terminal prompt of your project directory, enter pod install to install the SDK.
  2. Open the .xcworkspace file for your project to launch Xcode.

You can now configure your project.


Download the SDK

  1. On the Players page under iOS SDK, click Downloads. The iOS Downloads screen displays.
  2. In the row of the SDK version to download, click to download the .zip version to your computer.
  3. On your computer, unzip the SDK .zip file.

Import the SDK into your project

  1. From within Xcode, select your project from the project navigator.
  2. Select the target in the left column of the project editor.
  3. Click General.
  4. In the Linked Frameworks and Libraries, click +.
  5. Click Add Other.
  6. Select JWPlayerKit.xcframework (iOS) from your computer.
  7. Click Open.

You can now configure your project.

Swift Package Manager

The Swift Package Manager (SwiftPM) is a tool for managing the distribution of Swift code.

Xcode UI

  1. In Xcode 14+, navigate to your project file.
  2. In the main panel, click Package Dependencies.
  3. Click +. A popup window appears.


In the Package.swift, add the JWPlayerKit dependency.

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", .upToNextMajor(from: "4.16.0"))