Event Properties Reference (iOS)

Ad Events


The following table contains the names of all ad properties accessible through using the subscript operator. Not all properties are available for every ad event. Therefore, be sure to test for nil.

Property Description
adPosition JWAdPosition Position of the ad within the content
adSystem String Ad system referenced inside of the VAST XML
adTitle String Title of the ad
clickThroughUrl String URL visited when the ad is tapped
companions [JWAdCompanion] Descriptions of the companions of the ad
creativeAdId String Ad ID
creativeId String Creative ID
creativetype String Type of ad displayed
id String Descriptive name of the ad
ima Dictionary Verbose description of Google IMA properties
impression JWAdImpression Description of the ad impression
linear String Value indicating whether the ad is linear or nonlinear

Possible Values:
  • linear
  • nonlinear
NOTE: Nonlinear ads are not supported in the SDK.
metadata Dictionary Object containing the metadata from the ad

The values contained within the object vary based on the ad.
newState String Current state of the ad
oldState String Previous state of the ad
pauseReason JWPauseReason Reason the ad was paused
placement Int Value sent in a bid request that identifies the location of a player
playReason JWPlayReason Reason the ad began to play
podCount Int Total number of ads within the ad pod
position Double Current playback position in the ad creative in seconds
schedule [JWAdBreak] Ad breaks within the content, in order
sequence Int Index of the current ad in the ad pod
skipOffset Double Number of seconds before the user is allowed to skip the ad
tag URL URL of the ad tag
timeLoading 4.15.0+ Double Number of milliseconds for the ad to load
type String Type of creative displayed
viewable Int Whether or not the player is currently visible

Possible Values:
  • 0: Player ≀ 50% viewable
  • 1: Player > 50% viewable
xml 4.15.0+ String The raw VAST XML string