Create a playlist (iOS)

Create and add playlists to your iOS app.

The JWPlayerItem class enables you to add content to your player and define the unique characteristics of that content:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Poster Image

There are multiple ways to load and play content in your player. As best practice approaches, we recommend the following:

  • Use JWPlayerConfigurationBuilder() to create single-item or multiple-item playlists with media hosted in your JWP account.
  • Use JWPlayerItemBuilder() to create single-item or multiple-item playlists with self-hosted media.
  • Use JWPlayerConfigurationBuilder() to associate a playlist to a player and to initiate media playback.
  • All JWPlayerItem must have either a video source or a file set. If neither or both are set, the JWPlayerItemBuilder will throw an exception.

While you can use other approaches to create, associate, and play playlists, JWPlayerItemBuilder() and JWPlayerConfigurationBuilder() enable you to add functionality, such as, customization and advertising.

The following sections explain how to create a playlist with one or more items and to add multiple sources to a playlist item.

Creating a playlist

Use the following steps to add items to a playlist to a player:

  1. Use JWPlayerItemBuilder() to create one or more JWPlayerItem objects. All items require that a file be specified. This is the URL to the media file the JWPlayerItem will play.

    To increase user engagement, we strongly recommend defining the title, description, and posterImage for the JWPlayerItem.

  2. Use JWPlayerConfigurationBuilder() to add the JWPlayerItem objects to an array and set the player configuration.

  3. Hand your configuration to the JWPlayer object.