Enable Video Ad Targeting with Prebid.js (Web Player)

Increase video ad revenues by sending unique content performance and contextual signals to buyers through a Prebid.js setup.

Video Ad Targeting is a JWP feature that increases advertising revenues by sending unique performance and contextual signals to buyers. Implementing this feature by adding a prebid module is an easy way to take advantage of the benefits without making major changes to your exisiting header bidding setup.

Intended Audience

This documentation specifically caters to developers who use Prebid.js on their pages. An understanding of the following Prebid.js concepts is required:


JWP media IDsUnique identifier for a JWP video

If you do not know the ID of the applicable video, use one of the following approaches to retrieve the media ID:

API approach:

1. Make a GET https://api.jwplatform.com/v1/videos/list call.
2. In the API response, locate the videos[].key of the applicable video.
Dashboard approach:

From the video list page, copy the ID in the MEDIA ID column.

If the MEDIA ID column is not exposed, click the gear icon above the list of videos. From the list that appears, select Media ID.
JWP player IDUnique identifier for a JWP HTML5 player

This is the ID of the HTML DIV element used when instantiating the JWP instance. You can retrieve this ID by calling player.id, where player is the JWP instance variable.
Existing Prebid.js implementationIf needed, read Prebid.js's Getting started to set up a Prebid.js implementation.


Please follow the instructions listed in Prebid's documentation for our module.