Customize player branding

From the Customize Player Branding screen, you can adjust the appearance of the player including display options, colors, logos, and on-click behaviors.

The player supports HEX and RGBA color values for all color customizations. For default color settings, RGBA values are used to add transparency to player elements. Otherwise, default colors are defined with HEX colors.


Customize player appearance


If you are a developer, use the CSS Skinning Reference to customize specific player elements.

Use the following steps to customize the appearance of a player:

  1. From the Players page, select an existing player. The player builder page appears. If you have clicked Create Web Player to create a new player, the player builder page will also appear.
  2. Above the player preview, click Customize Player Branding. The Customize Player Branding page appears.
  3. Customize the logo.
  4. Customize the controls of the player.
  5. Customize the menus of the player.
  6. Customize the tooltips that appear in the player.
  7. Customize the right-click behavior
  8. Click Done. The player builder page appears.
  9. Click Save.

As changes are made to the player settings, these changes appear in the player preview on the right side of the screen in real-time.


The Logo tab allows you to add branding to the video player. A logo can only be placed in one location per player. If you position the logo in the control bar, use a logo with a height of 44px. Otherwise, use a logo with a height of 60px.

Use the following steps to add a logo:

  1. On the Logo tab under Logo, drag and drop a logo file. The following file types are supported: .jpg, .png, .gif. You can also click Choose File to upload the logo file from your computer.
  2. From the Position dropdown menu, choose the placement of the logo on the player.
  3. Click the Visibility toggle to ON so that the logo persists as an overlay when controls are hidden.
  4. In the Link textbox, enter a URL. When a URL is provided and the logo is clicked, playback in the player pauses and the URL opens in a new window.


The Controls tab allows you to customize the colors of the control icons. The following table explains each control option.

TextColor of any plain text in the control bar of the player
IconsColor of the following icons:

• Control bar icons
• Playlist and recommendations next page and previous page icons
• Playlist and recommendations close icon (X)
• Play icon on the idle screen
• Next Up icons
• Casting icon on the idle screen

Default: Inactive color of icons

Hover: Color of hovered or selected icons
TimesliderColor of time slider elements


• Bar in the time slider filled in between the beginning of the video to the current position in the video
• Buffer region, but with a 50% opacity
• Volume slider


• Base of the time slider
• Base of the volume slider
BackgroundColor of the control bar and menu icon bar


The Menus tab allows you to customize the colors of the menus. The following table explains each menu option.

LinksColor of the following items:

• Title and description of Next Up popup
• Tile of playlist or recommended playlist overlay
• Title and descriptions of playlist or recommended media content
• Settings menu items Default: Inactive, the default color of text

Hover: Color of hovered or selected text. There is no hover functionality for the title of the playlist or recommended playlist overlay.
BackgroundBackground color of the settings menu and Next Up popup

Two additional settings are listed beneath the menu settings:

- Revert to Last Saved: Clicking this button reverts settings to the version saved prior to the most recent save.
- Reset to Default: Clicking this button reverts all settings to default.


The Tooltips tab allows you to customize the colors of the tooltips. The following table explains each menu option.

TextColor of tooltip text
BackgroundBackground color of tooltips


When a viewer right-clicks on the player, a menu appears. The Right Click tab allows you to overwrite the Powered by JW Player text that can open a new page when clicked by a viewer.

Follow the steps below to edit the right-click menu:

  1. In the Text field, enter the text to overwrite the Powered by JW Player label.
  2. (Optional) In the Link field, enter a URL. Be sure to add http:// or https:// at the beginning of the URL.