AudioTrack (Android v3)

The AudioTrack class represents an audio track in an HLS, SmoothStreaming, or DASH stream. Audio tracks are sent to the developer via the onAudioTracks() callback.

At this moment Audio Track switching is only supported for DASH and SmoothStreaming streams.

Audio API Methods

List<AudioTrack> getAudioTracks()Returns a List with audio tracks from the player.
int getCurrentAudioTrack()Returns the index of the currently active audio track.
setCurrentAudioTrack(int index)Change the audio track to the provided index. The index must be within the list provided by getAudioTracks().

Audio Callbacks

onAudioTracks(AudioTracksEvent audioTracksEvent)Fired when the list of available audio tracks is updated. Happens shortly after a playlist item starts playing.
onAudioTrackChanged(AudioTrackChangedEvent audioTrackChangedEvent)Fired when the active audio track is changed. Happens in response to a user clicking the audio tracks menu or a call to setCurrentAudioTrack()

Background Audio

The JWP allows you to keep continuing audio playback when your app has been backgrounded.
You can enable background audio playback by calling setBackgroundAudio(true) on the JWPlayerView.