QualityLevel (Android v3)

The QualityLevel class represents a quality variant in a HLS or DASH stream. Quality levels are sent to the developer via the onQualityLevels() callback.

Quality API Methods

List<QualityLevel> getQualityLevels()Returns a list of the currently available quality levels
int getCurrentQuality()
Returns the index of the current quality level in the List returned by getQualityLevels()
setCurrentQuality(int index)Sets the quality level to the provided index

Quality Callbacks

onLevels(LevelsEvent levelsEvent)Fired when the list of quality levels is updated. Happens shortly after an item starts playing.

See LevelsEvent.
onLevelsChanged(LevelsChangedEvent levelsChangedEvent)
Fired when the active quality level is changed. Happens in response to a user clicking the control bar or a call to setCurrentQuality()

See LevelsChangedEvent.