Analytics (iOS v3)

JWP enables plugin developers to listen for media playback and VAST/VPAID native ads analytics events.


Analytics events are not available for AVPlayer instances instantiated by IMA or FreeWheel plugins.

To receive analytics events, include the JWAVPlayerAnalyticsDelegate in a class that can be used as a delegate. Then, implement delegated methods.

@interface JWAVPlayerAnalyticsObserver : NSObject <JWAVPlayerAnalyticsDelegate>

// implement the methods
- (void)playbackRateDidChange:(CGFloat)rate {}
- (void)playerStatusDidChange:(AVPlayerStatus)status {}
- (void)playerItemDidChange:(AVPlayerItem *)item {}
- (void)playerErrorDidChange:(NSError *)error {}
- (void)playerLayerVideoRectDidChange:(CGRect)videoRect {}

//set the class as a delegate into the player
self.player.analyticsDelegate = [JWAVPlayerAnalyticsObserver new];