Content (iOS v3)

An overview of JWConfig and its usage with content.

Now that you have added a player to your app, this section of the iOS SDK documentation focuses on how to add content to and customize content in the player.

To add content to your player, you must use the JWConfig class. This class allows you to create an object that contains all the data needed to create a player. Throughout our documentation, we create a JWConfig object named config. Before initializing an instance of the player in your app, you must populate config with configuration data.

As an example, when adding a player to your view, you used config.file to define the video content to be shown in your player.

JWConfig *config = [[JWConfig alloc] init];
config.file = @"";
self.player = [[JWPlayerController alloc] initWithConfig:config];
let config = JWConfig()
config.file = ""
player = JWPlayerController(config: config)

In the following articles in this Content section, we explore the content features and functionality that can be implemented by using the JWConfig class.