Overview (Web Player)

Get an overview of the web player

JWP enables developers to build, customize, and deliver the best video experiences to viewers across web, mobile, and OTT devices.

The JWP web player empowers you to create memorable video experiences:

  • Customize players to match your brand
  • Increase engagement and audience loyalty
  • Provide consistent user experiences across browsers and platforms

JWP gives you powerful video technology to engage your existing viewers and attract new ones.


For information on creating players in the dashboard, see our platform documentation.


The JWP web player offers various features to benefit your video playback experience.

CustomizationYou can create and configure video experiences within an intuitive code base:
MonetizationJWP enables you to monetize content through video ads while ensuring viewer engagement across various platforms and models:
  • Integrate seamlessly with standard ad types and third-party technologies
  • Utilize JWP's high-speed HTML5 video player
  • Boost ad yields with our built-in player bidding and header bidding services
  • Support various business models including live, SVOD, and TVOD
EngagementThe web playerโ€™s features can help attract and keep the attention of your viewers:
StabilityJWP evolves player products to guarantee stability and up-to-date features:


The JWP web player does not currently support webviews in Android or iOS. For our mobile solutions, see the documentation for our Android SDK and iOS SDK respectively.