Overview (tvOS)


This is a beta offering.

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The JWPlayerTVKit for tvOS is built upon the native player framework, AVFoundation. Apps built with this SDK integrate with video hosting, streaming, and analytics services. These services allow you to incorporate media playback experiences, monetize your app, and discover ways to increase viewer engagement.

You can also use this SDK with video content that is hosted with non-JWP services.

Key Features


  • Google DAI
  • Google IMA
  • VAST


  • Analytics
  • Ability to monitor and set video and audio qualities
  • API design that enables native control creation or customization
  • Player, playlist, playback, and content state monitoring


  • Fullscreen video playback
  • AirPlay
  • DRM
  • HLS, SmoothStreaming, and MP4 playback


  • Rich configuration options including playlists, content title, and poster image
  • Predictable interface familiar to users on Apple's platform
  • Caption support (.vtt, .srt, .ttml)
  • Picture in Picture
  • Thumbnail previews
  • Related content support
  • External metadata support



Xcode 13+Download and install Xcode.
tvOS 14.0+Your app must be leveraging at least this minimum OS version.
JWPlayerTVKitFollow these instructions to download the SDK.
JWP License Key1. From your Player Downloads & Keys page, scroll down to the Downloads section.
2. In the Downloads section, copy the LICENSE KEY for the JWP SDK for iOS.

NOTE: If you have more than one property in your account, select the property from the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Each property has a unique set of license keys.


Each version of this SDK has been built to work with a specific dependency version. Use the following table to ensure that you are referencing the correct dependency version in your app. The JWPlayerTVKit version listed shows when the minimum dependency support version was first updated.

JWPlayerTVKitGoogle IMA SDK


This developer guide provides best practice approaches for implementing this SDK. We also provide comprehensive documentation for each class in our SDK reference.

Intended audience

This guide assumes that you have experience developing applications using tvOS and Swift. Before attempting to create a tvOS application using JWPlayerTVKit, you should be familiar with using Xcode and Apple's latest development tools.

Known Issue

When using a simulator, backgrounding the application while content is playing can lead to a known audio issues, such scratchiness and skips. Although this is undesirable, this issue only occurs when using a simulator. This issue does not occur when playing content on a physical device, such as an AppleTV.

This issue can be duplicated with AVPlayer as well. So, Apple may resolve this issue in a future version of Xcode.

Terms of service

By adding the JWP tvOS SDK to your app, you agree to the JWP Terms of Service.