Ad errors reference

What are VAST errors?

VAST error codes enable the JWP to report more specific details back to the ad servers when ads don’t serve properly.

JWP can trigger some errors, but still play the ad. It is important to recognize that not all error codes stop the video creative from being served.

What is causing the VAST errors?

There are several different reasons why VAST errors occur, many more than we will outline below, but these are some of the most common:

  • The line items in DFP, or another ad server, are not optimized
  • There is an issue with how the player is configured
  • The viewer has a bad Internet connection or the page is otherwise loading slowly
  • The player's viewability or muted state is not what the ad server is expecting
  • The advertiser is expecting to be bidding on a featured video player but the player is actually a smaller player on the side, or otherwise not in an ideal placement

How can we address the VAST errors?

Minimizing VAST errors requires a team effort. Here is a small sample of some actions various team members can take to improve ad delivery:

Ad OperationsPrioritize ad line items. If you are seeing fewer errors and more CPM with one ad tag when compared to another, prioritize that one.
ProgrammaticAvoid multi-burn. Don’t overdo it with multiple bidding or programmatic solutions.
EngineeringFix page load speed. Requests to ad servers time out so if your page is causing the ad request to happen slower than expected, it may cause more errors.
DesignBuild better templates. Don’t make the placement of the player an afterthought.
ProductDedicate player placements. Advertisers are more willing to pay more for a featured video on your site rather than a smaller player on the sidebar.
VideoCreate content users want to watch. Advertisers are looking to place their ads alongside content with high engagement.

For more specific, in-depth information on ad errors, including a breakdown of the VAST error codes and suggestions on how to resolve them, please visit our Developer Guide.

If you require additional assistance, please contact our Support Team or your Ad Provider.