Browser Support

Learn which browsers JWP supports.

JWP regularly tests the performance of its products and features on stable versions of major browsers. This article lists the browsers that JWP officially supports.


Device TypeBrowser
DesktopMost recent three major versions of the following browsers:
• Chrome
• Edge
• Firefox
• Opera
• Safari

Web Player

Unless otherwise specified, we rigorously test the web player on the latest version of the following browsers. We consider fixing bugs occurring on older versions with greater than 0.5% global usage as defined by the “Can I use” usage table or internal data. Though we periodically add coverage for more vendors, at this time, we cannot ensure playback or affirm that specific features work on any not listed below.

Device TypeBrowser
Desktop• Chrome
• Edge (Chromium based only)
• Firefox
• Safari
Mobile Web• Chrome for Android
• Safari for iOS
• Facebook In-App Browser (casting is not supported)
Smart TV• Samsung Tizen 2018+