At JWP, we are committed to helping you host, manage, and deliver your videos with our products:

  • Ingest and convert your video files so that your audience can view them on every device
  • Enable live event streaming and simulcasting to services like YouTube and Facebook
  • Simplify video library management
  • Share your content with other services for syndication


Video workflows can be complex to create and expensive to maintain. The following table briefly highlights some of the features offered by JWP.

Feature Description
Video Hosting When you add videos to your library, you can choose between several options to host and register your videos that support your business needs.

  • Hosting refers to whether you use JWP's servers or a separate hosting service to store your videos.
  • Registering refers to how you associate your videos to your JWP account.
Video Management When your video content is registered to your JWP account, you can manage your videos in one location.

You can update metadata to make your videos easy to find online and to increase engagement with your viewers. Additionally, you can add closed captions to your videos directly from your JWP dashboard.
Playlists Once your videos are ready, use playlists to create a collection of videos to be shared with your viewers.

JWP offers several types of playlists:
Social Posts You may also want to also engage with viewers who do not visit your site.

From your JWP dashboard, you can publish your videos on Facebook and YouTube.
Content Delivery Regardless of a viewer's location, JWP can seamlessly enable that viewer to consume your video content.

JWP maintains a dynamic, distributed global content delivery network that guarantees 99.99% uptime and delivery to any device.

When transcoded, your content is optimized for all screens and devices. And your viewers consume your high-efficiency, pristine quality videos through JWP's out-of-the-box, adaptive (HLS) delivery.

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