Monetize apps with ads

Learn how to configure ads for your apps


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Apps support monetization by inserting video ads across all supported platforms. The following table lists the best advertising method to use with a type of content.

ContentAdvertising Method
Videos On-Demand (VOD)
ā€¢ Movies
ā€¢ Series
Client-side ad insertion
Live Streams
ā€¢ Live Events
ā€¢ 24/7
Server-side ad insertion

Configure client-side ad insertion

For your on-demand videos, you can schedule and manage pre-roll, and mid-roll ad breaks from your JWP dashboard. Since conversion rates are low and drop-off rates are high, we recommend not creating a post-roll ad break.


Apps only support client-side ad insertion through the IAB VAST and VMAP standards.


Display Ads dropdown menu

Use the following steps to configure advertising in an app:

  1. From the Apps page, click the name of the app config. The settings for the app config appear.
  2. Click the Ad schedule toggle to ON. A dropdown menu appears.
  3. From the Ad schedule dropdown menu, choose an ad schedule.

    āš ļø

    If you plan to preview your ad set up, we recommend setting up an ad schedule with test ads.

  4. Click Save.
  5. (Optional) Click Preview. A new browser tab opens displaying an interactive preview of the app.

Configure server-side ad insertion

For live events, apps support server-side ad insertion (SSAI) through the Apple HLS standard. You can trigger ad breaks by sending SCTE-35 tags with your live stream ingest.

If you intend to serve SSAI ads in your apps, inform your JWP representative. Your JWP representative will configure this functionality for each Broadcast Live channel in your apps.