Traffic Splits

A traffic split enables you to A/B test different strategy ideas by segmenting traffic into weighted branches. Viewers who return using the same device without deleting local cookies should have the same experience.

Additionally, traffic splits can be nested within other traffic splits.


Creating simple experiences within each branch of the traffic split enables you to more easily compare the effectiveness of each experience.

Create a traffic split

Create Traffic Split panel

Create Traffic Split panel

Following these steps to create a traffic split:

  1. On the strategy tree, click + Add Experience > Traffic Split. The Create Traffic Split panel opens.
  2. Enter a Traffic Split Name.
  3. Enter a Branch Name for each branch.
  4. Enter the Percent of Traffic to route to a specific branch.


    The Percent of Traffic only needs to be added to one branch. The UI will calculate the value of the other branch so that the combined total is 100%.

  5. Click Apply. The traffic split appears on the strategy tree.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Build each branch with experiences:

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