Create default custom parameters

If you need to apply business-specific metadata to your videos, you can define custom metadata key-value pairs (default custom parameters). When default custom parameters are set, you gain the following benefits:

  • Custom parameters automatically added to all new videos uploaded through your JWP dashboard
  • Ability to set custom parameters for each property you maintain
  • Consistent spelling and capitalization of custom parameters
  • Business-specific, user-generated custom parameters


Default custom parameters do not apply to the video assets that are automatically generated after a Live Channels event stream ends. You can define custom parameters and tags for Live Channel event videos after you create an Instant Live Channel.

Create default custom parameters

To define default custom parameters for all or some of the properties that you manage, use the following video and steps.


You can also add custom parameters and additional metadata to an individual video.

Use the following steps to create default custom parameters:

  1. Click the gear icon next to your name > Properties. The Properties page appears.
  2. Click the name of the property in which you want to define your default custom parameters. The details page for the property appears.
  3. Click the Custom Parameters tab.
  4. Click Create. The Create a Custom Parameter panel appears.
  5. Choose a Template Type: List of pre-defined options or Empty text field.
  6. Choose whether the new custom parameter is Required or not.
  7. Enter the Key.
  8. If you selected Empty text field, enter the Default Value (optional). Leave this text box blank if you do not want to set a default value.


    If you selected List of pre-defined options, click within the Values text field to add a value. To add more value options, click + Add. When using this option, the first option you add will be the default value. If you leave the first option blank, Select value is displayed as placeholder text on the video details page in your JWP dashboard.

  9. Click Save. The new custom parameter key and its values appear in the table.
  10. Repeat steps 4-9 to add multiple custom parameters.

All videos that are newly uploaded or registered through your dashboard for this property will have your defined custom parameters applied. These can be seen under the Custom Parameters section of the METADATA tab.


You can only define a maximum of 50 custom parameters.


Can custom parameters be added to an individual video if default custom parameters have been defined?

Yes. Default custom parameters appear under the Custom Parameters heading on a video's METADATA tab. They are listed as the first custom parameters. For an individual video, you can click + Add Custom Parameter to add an additional custom parameter.

Can default custom parameters be set for playlists?

No. Setting default custom parameters for playlists is not currently supported.