Get started with Dynamic Strategy Rules

Learn how to create tailored viewer experiences

Dynamic Strategy Rules enables you to tailor on-site video experiences in real time using visit and page data.

By leveraging Dynamic Strategy Rules, you gain the following benefits:

  • Make strategy changes in your JWP dashboard that update the video experience across multiple sites without additional developer resources
  • Deploy with minimal code
  • Create different experiences for different viewers based on visit and page contexts, such as geography and custom values
  • Boost the effectiveness of on-page video placements to enhance user engagement and conversions.
  • Exercise granular control over advertising to maximize revenue potential

Set up a Dynamic Strategy Rule

Use the following steps to define a Dynamic Strategy Rule:

  1. Create a strategy.
  2. On the Dynamic Strategy Rules page, on the Placements tab, click the name of the placement. The placement details page appears.


    If the desired placement does not exist, you can create a new placement.

  3. Under Link a Strategy, choose a strategy from the Linked Strategy dropdown menu. This associates the placement with the strategy.
  4. Click Save.


Can a strategy be linked to more than one placement?


How can a strategy be unlinked from a placement?
  1. On the Placements page, click the name of the placement. The placement details page appears.
  2. Under Link a Strategy, click Unlink Strategy next to the selected strategy.

You will need to associate another strategy. Without an associated strategy, this placement will be disabled (Not Deliverable) and render an empty <div> on all pages where it is deployed. If a different deliverable placement exists on one of those pages, that placement will still work.

How quickly will end users notice any changes made to a strategy?

Because strategies are cached, it may take up to one hour for changes made to a strategy to become visible to end users.

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