JWP dashboard reference

A brief overview of what can you do in the JWP dashboard.

Regardless of whether you are an account administrator, a content creator, or a developer, your JWP dashboard provides you a single tool to manage your content, customize a player, monetize your content, optimize your viewers' video experiences through analytics, and check the JWP system statuses.

The JWP dashboard has three main sections: the left navigation, the top navigation, and the main panel.

Left navigation

The left navigation allows you to manage your content, customize a player, create ad schedules, review analytics, and check the status of JWP systems.


Left navigation of the JWP dashboard.

Media LibraryManage your content.

For example:
PlayersCustomize a player and monetize your content.

For example:
  • Create and customize cloud-hosted players
  • Download player libraries, SDKs, and license keys for web, Android, and iOS
  • Enable advertising
AnalyticsEvaluate the performance of your content and players.

For example:
All Systems OperationalIdentify any JWP systems that may impact your services.

Top navigation

The top navigation allows you to change the active property, manage account settings, access API credentials, and upload videos.


Top navigation of the JWP dashboard.

UploadFrom most pages within your dashboard, you can add a video.
Property dropdown menuIf you have access to more than one property, you can choose a property from this menu.
Gear icon menuManage account settings and access API credentials.

For example:

Main panel

In the main panel, you can use and customize each product and its features.


Main panel of the JWP dashboard.