Get started with the Analytics Overview


The Analytics Overview page is only relevant to plays with a media ID and using a JWP data source.

For Apps analytics, read the How do I create a Custom Report to assess the performance of my Apps? FAQ.

The Analytics Overview page provides an at-a-glance summary of your video performance:

  • Comparisons of metrics
  • Top performing content
  • Top domains
  • Countries with the highest viewership
  • Devices used to watch video

Refine data

By default, all the data on the Analytics Overview page covers the last 90 days.

Use the following steps to adjust the data range:

  1. On the Analytics Overview page, select an option from the Date Range dropdown menu.


    • To set a specific date range, select Custom from the dropdown menu and define the date range.
    • Date ranges cannot exceed 90 days.
  2. Click Run Report. All data on the page will refresh with data from the specified date range.


Section Description
(Comparative Panel) Compares specific metrics in a line graph visualization

Available Comparisons
  • Plays Vs Ad Impressions
  • Plays Vs Completes
  • Plays Vs Embeds
For definitions of ad impressions, completes, embeds, and plays, see the Metrics and Dimensions reference.
Device Breakdown Devices on which viewers are watching your content

When the device that generated plays cannot be identified, JWP attributes those plays to device type Other.
Top Content Videos most-viewed by viewers

Clicking on a thumbnail will display detailed engagement analytics for the individual video.
Top Countries Top countries from which viewers watch your content
Top Domains Top domains from which your players accrue views


Why does Content Unavailable appear in the Top Content section?

Content Unavailable may appear in the Top Content section for one of two reasons:

  • The specific video has been deleted from the property.
  • The analytics are attributes to a different property.

Learn more about properties.

Why am I seeing No Data in my analytics?

No Data may appear in the your analytics for one of two reasons:

  • If your content is not hosted with JWP, be sure you have followed the instructions for registering your external URLs to get Media IDs.
  • Be sure you have selected a date range for a period in which you received views.