Create a clip from a past live event

After your Instant Live channel event has ended, you can create clips from the event. You can use the these clips as teasers on your site or in your social media campaigns to entice your viewers to watch the event.

Create a clip

Use the following video steps to create a clip from any of your past events:

  1. From the Instant Live Channels page, click the name of the Instant Live channel.
  2. In the Previous Events section, click Clipping. The Clip a Past Event panel opens.
  3. Next to the event that you want to clip, click Clip. The Trim or Create Clip popup window appears.


    An event with a long duration will take longer to load than an event with a short duration.

  4. On the timeline under the video, drag the blue tab at either the start or end of the rectangle to clip the video.
  5. Click the play icon in the preview window to review the clipped video. Repeat the previous step to adjust the start or end of the clipped video.
  6. Click Create New Clip. Another Trim or Create Clip popup window appears.
  7. Enter a Clip Title for the new clipped video.
  8. (Optional) Click Navigate to new clip to open the new clip after it has been created.
  9. Click Create.

You can now add metadata to the video clip. Once the encoding status of the clip is Ready, you can embed the video.

Your saved clip is saved to your account. When this clip is embedded or shared, playback is charged at VOD Streaming rates. Refer to your contract for rate terms.