Add an episode

Upload a single episode from the JWP dashboard

With episodes, you can create, upload, and host long-form video content to be featured in a series.

Episodes offer publishers various benefits:

  • Facilitate series management
  • Organize video content into distinct episodes, each of which can be part of a season or standalone series
  • Integrate videos into playlists and the Web App
  • Serialize various media items, including TV shows, films, sermons, sports competitions, crime dramas, and podcasts
Add Media menu in Media Library

Add Media menu in Media Library


App config entitlementEntitlement to use the app config

App config entitlement also enables the content types feature.

For more information, contact your JWP representative.
Content types loaded to propertyType of media based on shared custom parameters

To access the Episode content type, load default content types to your JWP property.

Upload an episode

You can upload an episode individually before associating it with a series.

Use the following steps to upload an episode of more than 2 seconds duration to the dashboard:

  1. Prepare your video content.
  2. From your Media Library, click Add Media > Episode. The media upload page appears.
  3. In the file picker, drag and drop a video file or choose a file from the selector. The Upload in progress tile displays a progress bar. Upon a successful upload, the panel reads Upload complete.
  4. Click Exit. The Media Library reappears.

Now that your content has been uploaded, you can add metadata to the episode.

Add episode metadata

Follow these steps to add metadata to your episode:

  1. From your Media Library, select an episode. The media upload page appears.

  2. Edit your video metadata.

  3. Under the Content Type section, fill out the related Episode fields.

    FreeFlag indicating the free or paid status of the content

    Use the following step to configure this field:
    1. Click the Yes or No radio button.
    Product IDsJWP identifiers of subscription assets that allow access to the content

    Use the following step to configure this field:
    1. In the textbox, enter a comma-separated list of all assets with content access.
  4. Click Save.