VAST3 ad pod reference

The IAB VAST 3.0 template introduced the concept of Ad Pods. Ad Pods are a way to specify multiple <ad>
elements, which are to be sequenced together and played back-to-back within a single ad break. Ad Pods are configured from VAST 3.0 compliant ad networks and passed to the JWP. Additionally, it is possible to create custom, static ad pods either using in-line VAST data or wrapped ad tags.

If a VAST 3.0+ ad tag is configured to use Ad Pods, the JWP will play the ads together anywhere the ad break was scheduled. Ad Pods can be scheduled as Pre-Rolls, Mid-Rolls, and even as Post-Rolls. The Advertising API can also be used to set the location of the ad in a pod and the total number of ads in a pod.


While JWP's Ad Schedule tool allows you to create ad breaks, it does not yet allow for creating ad pods in the Dashboard.

Ad Pod Countdown Message

By default, JWP will display a message prefixed to the ad countdown message: Ad x of y, where x is the current ad playing and y is the total number of ads in the pod.

The subsequent portion of the ad message is fully customizable. See our article about custom countdown messages for more information.

Pod API Calls

Each Advertising API call also contains these two attributes if the ad is part of a pod:

  • sequence: This is the number of the ad in pod that is currently playing.
  • podcount: This is the total number of ads in the pod

Sample Ad Pod Embed Code

Below is a sample embed code illustrating how to add an ad pod to a JWP, where adpod.xml would contain the VAST response for the Ad Pod.

playerInstance = jwplayer("container");
    file: "video.mp4",
    advertising: {
        client: "vast",
        schedule: {
            adbreak1: {
                offset: "pre",
                tag: "adpod.xml"