Get Started with Apps

Using JWP’s platform and partners, you can monetize video content with advertising and subscriptions on mobile, connected TVs, and the web.


Video landing page on TV and mobile device

JWP allows you to manage the app content from your dashboard:

  • VOD and live media, including their fields, images, trailers, and episodes
  • App landing page & menus
  • Subscriptions & advertising
  • Search & recommendations
  • Favorites & continue watching

JWP’s app partners help you create and manage apps with engaging viewer experiences:

  • Tailored to your brand
  • Aligned with your content, such as movies, concerts, and matches
  • On the platforms of your choice, such as iOS, Android, Fire, Roku, and Tizen
  • Well-integrated with the JWP platform


Some of JWP's app partners offer proprietary platforms apart from JWP's platform to manage and customize their apps.

Create an app

You can create both partner-managed or self-hosted apps. Use the following sections to guide you through building and customizing your apps.

Partner-managed apps

Use the following steps to create a partner-managed app:

  1. (Optional) Enable DRM content protection.
  2. Add app content to your JWP Media Library.
  3. (Optional) Set geoblocking or token signing.
  4. Build an app config.
  5. Share the app config ID with your app partner. Your partner can assist you with hosting and customizing your app.


Work with your app partner representative to address specific hosting and customization options.

Self-hosted apps

If you choose not to work with an app partner, you can develop and self-host your app. You can use JWP's Delivery API and SDKs to develop these apps.

Open-source Web App

JWP provides an open-source framework for self-hosting web apps.

Use the following steps to create a self-hosted web app:

  1. Add app content to your JWP Media Library.
  2. (Optional) Set geoblocking
  3. Create an app config.
  4. Copy the app config ID.
  5. Under the Apps section on the app config details page, click Web App (GitHub). The ott-web-app GitHub repository opens.
  6. Under Assets, download the prebuilt artifact file.
  7. Unzip the file.
  8. Add .webapp.ini to the root directory.
  9. Within .webapp.ini, set the app config ID as the value for defaultConfigSource.


    The .webapp.ini file might be hidden by your operating system. Use the command-line client or consult your OS documentation to reveal hidden files.

  10. Upload the web app to your web server.


For general support, contact your JWP representative. For customizations, work an app partner.