App config overview

An app config is an apps management and configuration tool. From your JWP dashboard, you can manage the content and features of your apps built with the JWP Web App:

  • Associate content with an app
  • Specify where content is displayed
  • Align the appearance of the app with your brand
  • Monetize content
  • Define aspects of the user experience

App config settings

In addition to managing the content and features of your apps, you can implement multiple app configurations to help improve the viewing experience:

  • Selecting content for different geographical regions
  • Specifying content for viewing platforms, such as web, iOS, and Roku
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of content line-ups through A/B testing
  • Differentiating between environments, such as development and production


Applicaster-based apps are managed and customized through Applicaster's Zapp Studio. Creating a new or editing an existing app config will not change the content or features of these apps.


Item Description
App config entitlement Entitlement to use the app config

For more information, contact your JWP representative.

Create an app config

Use the following steps to create an app configuration from your JWP dashboard:

  1. From the Apps page, click Create App Config. The app config settings appear.
  2. Enter an app config title.
  3. Click Save. The new app config has been created.


If you are a developer or have developer resources, you can use the following recipe to create and define an app config with the Management API.