Activate an import feed

When an MRSS import feed is active, JWP checks for new content to import every 5 minutes. In addition to metadata and tags defined during the MRSS feed setup, three custom fields listed in the following table are added to each media.

Custom Field KeyDescription
import_idUnique ID of the import created in JW Player for this MRSS feed.
import_guid<guid> value of the MRSS feed <item> corresponding to the ingested media
mrss_video_urlURL of the ingested media file


Use the following steps to activate a feed:

  1. From the Import page, click the name of the new feed. The feed details page appears.
  2. Click the Media Import toggle to ON. The Status will change to Importing. As content is imported, the Total Imports number increases.


What happens if my MRSS ingestion stops working?

All admin users with access to the property containing the import will receive a notification email that includes a link to the Import Detail page and troubleshooting tips.

In most cases, you can resolve this issue by checking the Source URL and SAMPLE MEDIA RSS FEED IMPORT section.

If your issue persists, please contact our support team.

After completing the MRSS steps, why does the SAMPLE MEDIA RSS FEED IMPORT section display "No Media Found"?

This message indicates we were unable to detect any media from the source URL provided. This might mean that the source URL you provided is not valid, does not yet contain media items, or requires authentication.

If your feed requires authentication, you can click on the ADVANCED tab and enter your credentials. If your credentials are accurate, the SAMPLE MEDIA RSS FEED IMPORT section should update with your most recent feed items.