Search your media library

As you continue to add content to your media library, your video list page will span a greater number of pages. JWP has included simple and advanced search functionality to help you locate media items in your library.

When you know the title of a specific video, you can perform a simple search to quickly locate the video.

When you need to find a group of videos that have been published within a date range or that share custom parameter associations, you should run an advanced search.

The following sections explain how to perform both types of searches.

Simple search

From your JWP dashboard Media Library, in the search bar, type the title, description, tag, or media ID of the media item. As you type into the search bar, the dashboard refines your search results in real time.

Advanced search

Advanced Search allows you to find videos in your library based on a data range, custom parameters, or a combination of both.

Use the following video and steps to perform an advanced search.

  1. From your JWP dashboard Media Library, click Advanced Search. The search panel appears.


    To perform a search based only on the date range, skip step 3. To perform a search based only on custom parameters, skip step 2.

  2. In the Date Range section, choose an option from the drop-down menu and set the Start and End dates of the date range.
  3. In the Custom Fields section, enter a Key, Value or both a Key and a Value. You must enter full terms. Advanced Search does perform partial-word searches.
  4. (Optional) Click Add to include additional custom parameter terms.
  5. Click Search. The search panel disappears and your search results are displayed.