Set up an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)

Display your live channel scheduling with an EPG


This is a beta offering.

By using this documentation, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of the JWP Beta Program Agreement.

Our Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) is a self-updating menu to visualize live channel schedules on your app.


Example EPG display

You can create an EPG for your app using an app config.

An EPG offers several advantages:

  • Enables your users to navigate live streams
  • Increases minutes watched due to clear and accessible scheduling information
  • Markets various media items to users


Item Notes
Active appLearn more about apps
App config App config associated with your app
Live Channel One or more live channels in your Media Library


Contact your JWP representative to enable and set up live channels for your

Live Channel schedule Live Channel schedule in JSON format


The EPG’s channel schedule data must conform to the Broadcast Live chapter points JSON format, such as these sample EPG Schedule Data files.

  • If using a partner-hosted app, contact your partner representative to create and host your live channel schedule JSON.
  • If using JWP Web App, contact your JW representative for assistance.

You must host your live channel schedule data on your own servers.

Create an EPG


The instructions described here apply to the open-source Web App. Contact your app partner for instructions for you specific situation.

Use the following steps to create an EPG:

  1. Set custom parameters for each live channel.
  2. Create a manual playlist of your live channels.
    In step 9, add the following key-value pair under Custom Parameters:
    • For Key, enter contentType.
    • For Value, enter Live.

Playlist custom parameters for live channel

  1. Add the playlist of your live channels to the app config (steps 1-4) and click Save.

Set custom parameters for a live channel

To incorporate a live channel into your app, you must add several custom parameters to the channel.


Live channel custom parameters

Use the following steps to set custom parameters for a live channel:

  1. In your JWP dashboard Media Library, click the name of the media item for the live channel created by your JWP representative. The details page for the media item appears.

  2. Edit the media metadata, such as the title, description, and tags.

  3. Under Custom Parameters, add all the values listed in the following table.

    contentTypeRoutes the media item to the app’s live channels page

    Value: LiveChannel
    scheduleUrl URL of schedule data JSON
    liveChannelsid Playlist ID for the dynamic playlist containing your live channels
    catchupHoursMust match the value in your Broadcast Live configuration

    Contact your JWP representative for this value.
    scheduleDemo(Web App only) Interprets all values as Today when testing your content
  4. (Optional) Create default custom parameters.

  5. Click Save.

Manage an EPG

The following table explains the various ways to manage an existing EPG.

Action Notes
Customize You can customize the appearance of your EPG in the app config.
To edit or delete schedule data, update your JSON file according to the Broadcast Live chapter points format:

  • If using a partner-hosted app, contact your partner representative to receive help with editing or deleting your JSON file.
  • If using JWP Web App, contact your JW Solutions Consultant for assistance. Your Solutions Consultant will edit or delete live channel schedule data to reflect your desired changes.