Set geoblocking rules for a property

By setting a geoblocking rule for a property, the rule applies to all the cloud-hosted or registered content.


  • Geoblocking rules apply only to the content played within a player. Player libraries are not impacted by geoblocking rules.

  • Only Admin user accounts can modify a property’s global geoblocking setting.

Set a geoblocking rule

Use the following video and steps to set and edit a geoblocking rule for a property.

  1. From the properties list page, click the name of the property for which you want to set geoblocking.
  2. On the Content Protection tab under Property Geoblocking, click Add Rule. The Create Geoblocking Rule panel appears.
  3. Select a Rule Type:
    • Allow: Allow a specific list of locations to view this media
    • Deny: Block a specific list of locations from viewing this media

  4. In the Locations dropdown menu, click the names of the countries to apply to the rule. The names of the countries appear in a list beneath the dropdown menu.

    If you need to remove a country, click the country name in the list beneath the dropdown menu.

  5. Click SAVE.​


What does a viewer from a blocked region see?

Viewers who click on content that is restricted in their locations will see an error and will not be able to view your content.

Can I apply multiple geoblocking rules to my content?

Only one geoblocking rule can be set for a property or a video. Furthermore, the global geoblocking setting applies to all videos in the property except for those with their own geoblocking rules.