Manage Placements

A placement serves as the container where a visitor's video experiences occur and is linked to a strategy. A strategy uses a set of rules to determine the specific experiences displayed within that placement.

It is through embedding a placement on your web pages that a visitor begins to interact with a strategy.

Create a placement


  1. On the Dynamic Strategy Rules page, on the Placements tab, click Create Placement. A new placement details page appears.
  2. Click the default name (Untitled Placement Name) to rename the placement. Though not required, giving a placement a unique name allows it to be quickly distinguished from other placements.
  3. Click Save.


Use the following recipe to create a placement.

Deploy a placement

Embed Scripts section

Embed Scripts section

Follow these steps to deploy a placement:

  1. On the Placements list page, click the name of the placement. The placement details page appears.
  2. Under Embed Scripts, deploy the placement with either the Header Method or Inline Method.
Integration Embed TypeDescriptionUsage
Header Method(Recommended) Site-specific embed script added to the <head> element that locates and loads strategies into placement-specific <div> elementsLoading multiple placements on a specific page
Inline MethodEmbed script that loads a strategy into a specific placement on the page

You can also load a placement in a different location than the embed script.
Loading a single placement on a specific page


Be mindful of the following when deploying the placement:

  • Whether using a content management system (CMS), Google Ad Manager (GAM), Tag Manager, or some other method, the <div> must be on the page on the initial DOM load. For these use cases, use the inline method.
  • A given placement ID can only be used in one <div> element per page. However, a placement ID can be used on multiple pages.
  • If the placement ID is invalid, the <div> element will remain empty.

  1. (Optional) Provide custom data to be used when evaluating rules for a placement.


Can a placement be loaded in a different location than the inline embed script?


To load the placement in a different <div> element than where the (inline embed script) is located, append the divId query parameter with the <div> element ID to the embed.js URL.

The following example loads the placement into a <div> element named loading-div.

<script src="{site_id}/placements/{placement_id}/embed.js?divId=loading-div"></script>