Get started with Custom Reports

Each JWP account has a set of default Custom Reports to help you begin your analyzing the performance of your content:

  • Article Matching Playlists Summary
  • Daily Summary
  • Domain Performance
  • Last 7 Days Summary
  • Quarterly Summary
  • Recommendation Playlists Summary


Custom Reports list page

Run your first report


If you are a developer or have developer resources, you can run report queries with our Analytics API.

  1. From the Custom Report list page, hover over a report panel. The View Report button appears.
  2. Click View Report. After the report completes, a new page appears with the results displayed.
  3. (Optional) The report can be downloaded in two formats.
    • From the graph visualization click ⋯ > Export as CSV to download a .csv file of the graph’s data into table format.
    • From the table below the graph visualization, click Download Table to directly download the displayed results table.