Add a hub

Create a hub from the JWP dashboard

A hub is a landing page associated with a playlist. Hubs enhance viewer engagement by centering the media experience around a specific subject or theme. For brands, hubs can be instrumental in improving SEO and building audience loyalty.

Add Media menu in Media Library

Add Media menu in Media Library


PlaylistCollection of media items

To add a hub, create a playlist.
App config entitlementEntitlement to use the app config

App config entitlement also enables the content types feature.

For more information, contact your JWP representative.
Content types loaded to propertyType of media based on shared custom parameters

To access the Hub content type, load default content types to your JWP property.

Add a hub

Follow these steps to create a hub from the dashboard:

  1. From your Media Library, click Add Media > Hub. The media details page appears.

  2. Edit your content metadata.

  3. Under the Content Type section, fill out the related Hub fields.

    Playlist*(Required) One or more Playlist IDs to display on the hub page

    Use the following step to configure this field:
    1. Click + Add Playlist. The Add Playlist menu appears.
    2. Select one or more playlists from the menu.
    3. Click Add to Top or Add to Bottom. The select playlists appear in the Playlist field.
  4. Click Save.