Your JWP dashboard includes an analytics section, where you can monitor your content performance and look at activity by device, geography, engagement, and more.

If you use the embed code generated from the dashboard, your information will appear automatically. If you are using a more custom embedding method, be sure to follow our embedding instructions to make sure that your analytics information is accurate.

In addition to the Analytics Overview the dashboard provides access to more advanced analytics, including real time analytics and Custom Reports.

Data availability

Earliest available data2017-01-01
Reporting time zoneUS - Eastern (UTC -4 / UTC -5)*
* The reporting time is affected by whether daylight saving time or standard time is in effect.
Data refresh rateUpdated approximately every 30 minutes.
Rate limit60 requests/minute per API token or IP

The number of remaining requests that can be made to the Platform Management API v2 is returned in the response header of each query.
Page lengthDefault: 10 rows per page
Maximum: 100 rows per page
QueriesEnterprise or Developer license
• Group by up to two dimensions
• Apply up to five metrics
• Apply up to ten filters

Other licenses
• Group by only one dimension
• Apply up to five metrics
• Apply only one filter
Query date range limitEnterprise or Developer license
92-day window (queries that include at least one premium* metric or dimension)
No limit (queries that do not include any premium* metrics or dimensions)

Other licenses
No limit

* Premium metrics and dimensions are denoted with an asterisk (*) or a cross (☨)