Through Instant Live, you have the ability to broadcast live events to your audience:

  • Supporting 12-hour event streams
  • Enabling seamless workflows with hands-off publishing
  • Providing live event streams that instantly convert to video replay after broadcasting has finished
  • Streaming live events to your web players, mobile apps, OTT apps, and social media platforms


Depending on the status of the video of your Live Channels event stream, replays of your event stream can be billed at Live Usage minute rates or VOD Streaming rates.


When you start using Live Channels to stream your live events, you benefit from the following features.

Maximum per event duration12 hours
Live stream initiationWhen your live stream encoder sends data to RTMP stream URL provided by JWP, JWP does the following:

  • Starts the live stream event
  • Automatically creates a JW Video asset for playback
Content replay availability
  • DVR-enabled channels: Immediately after the event
  • Standard channels: 1-2 minutes after the event
Streaming settings
  • Title
  • Description
  • Simulcasting functionality
  • DVR enablement
  • Geoblocking
  • Latency management
Publishing options
  • Cloud-hosted player embeds
  • RTMP simulcast to Social sites
  • Direct HLS (.m3u8 file) access for self-hosted players, mobile SDKs
  • Playlist embeds for OTT Apps

Three phases of setup

There are three phases between creating an Instant Live Channel and streaming your live event. Each phase is briefly mentioned in the following table.

Create a Live Channel
  • A Live Channel is a grouping of live event streaming settings. For each encoder you use, a Live Channel must be created.
  • Unless you replace an encoder or increase the number of encoders, you only need to create a Live Channel once for each encoder.
  • After a Live Channel is created, starting the event in your encoder will initiate the live event stream. You can only have a single stream per Live Channel.
Configure your encoder settingsThe encoding settings we recommend enable you to provide a quality live event stream for your audience.

The settings cover the following areas:

  • Basic settings
  • Video resolution and bit rate
  • Recommended advanced settings
  • Adding the Stream URL and Stream Key to your encoder
Broadcast a live event stream
  • Start the stream from your encoder.
  • Add the live event stream embed code to your page.