Since you spent time and effort to create your videos, you should protect those videos from unauthorized use. Use the following table to determine which content protection method is best for your business needs.

Content Protection MethodDescription
GeoblockingThis method ensures your content can only be watched in countries where you have the content rights and monetization means.

You can set geoblocking rules from your JWP dashboard. These rules can be applied to a single video, a selection of videos, or an entire library.
Token SigningThis method ensures your content can only be watched from your own players:

• Viewers cannot "hot link" from another website or application.
• All content within your library is protected.
• Unauthorized viewers cannot play content outside of your OTT Apps.

Token signing must be enabled from your JWP dashboard and configured in your players.

We recommend that you work with your JWP representative to enable this protection.
Studio DRM with JW PlatformJWP provides a simplified approach to protecting your content with industry-standard Digital Rights Management (DRM).
Studio DRM StandaloneStudio DRM’s multi-DRM solution enables you to protect your media across multiple technologies and devices.