Advertising is one of two common models that you can use to make money from your content -- the other is a subscription model. When implemented with your viewer's experience in mind, the advertising model provides a low-commitment option for your viewers to watch your content while enabling you to receive compensation for your editorial and content-generating efforts.

JWP's advertising features help you to monetize your content with video ads while keeping your viewers engaged. JWP supports standard ad types (VAST, VPAID, VMAP), accommodates third-party technologies (Google IMA SDK, FreeWheel SDK), and supports any ad server that returns the previously-mentioned ad types. (You can view our ad support across our platforms.) You can customize your viewers' ad experiences with ad rules, ad breaks, and localized player messaging. And with Player Bidding, you can improve the yield from programmatic providers.

Ad schedules and ad rules

An ad schedule enables you to add video advertisements (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads) into your video content.

When creating an ad schedule, you can define two groups of ad rules: Ad Frequency Rules and Long-form Ad Engagement Rules. These rules allow you to balance the user experience of your site and your monetization strategy by controlling how often a viewer sees ads while viewing your video content.

Player Bidding

Player Bidding (PB) connects your digital video inventory directly to advertising demand sources, increasing competition for your inventory to boost your ad yield. To use PB, you must have this feature enabled and have a relationship with a JWP bidding partner.

Get the required items

To begin using the video advertising features and functionality that JWP can offer you, you need the following three items.

Embedded JWPJWP with content

If you have not already, embed a player on your site.
JWP Enterprise licenseAccount plan that enables access to advanced video player features like advertising

Upgrade to an Enterprise license if you would like to access JWP's advertising features.
Ad tagURL of code that delivers advertising

The ad tag should be an active tag generated from an advertising platform in a supported ad format.

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