Add a media library

Create and configure a library of media items in an app.

Unlike the landing page, library screens showcase all your content.


Library screen

You should use library screens to group common content. The following table provides some guidance for using library screens.

Use CaseGuidance
Less than 50 movies or seriesCreate a single category screen named Library
Content grouped by formats, such as live, movies, and showsCreate a library screen for each format

β€’ Live
β€’ Movies
β€’ Shows

Add a library

Use the following steps to create a library screen and add your content to that screen:

  1. From the Apps page, click the name of the app config. The settings for the app config appear.
  2. On the Libraries tab, click Add Library. A library settings card appears.
  3. In the Library Name field, enter the name of the library screen. This name will also appear in the main menu of the app.
  4. From the Playlist dropdown menu, select a playlist that contains the media items to display on this library screen. If no options appear in the dropdown menu, you must create a new dynamic or manual playlist.
  5. Under Tags, set all the tags associated with the videos in the playlist. In the app, these tags will enable a view to filter the videos on a screen. These tags will appear as buttons or as options in a dropdown menu.
  6. Click Update.
  7. (Optional) Click Preview. A new browser tab opens displaying an interactive preview of the app.


A maximum of five libraries can be added to an app.