Share a password-protected video

You can share videos in your JWP Media Library and have them be viewed publicly, or privately with password protection - no embed or coding required.

Set a Password

By default, videos that you share can be viewable by anyone. Each video that you share, however, can be password-protected with a password of your choosing. This password is stored securely and never stored as plain text.

Use the following steps to set a password and share your video:

  1. From your JWP Media Library, click the video you would like to password-protect. The video details page appears.
  2. Click Share. The Share Video Link window appears.
  3. From the Share Video Link window, click Require Password. A field appears to enter a password.
  4. Enter the password. To view or hide your password click the eye symbol. Leading and trailing spaces are ignored, but spaces contained in your password are respected.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Preview. A new tab opens in your browser allowing you to test the password that has been set.
  7. Copy the URL hyperlink to share. Be sure to also provide the recipient with the password.


Adding, removing, or changing the password affects everyone, including anyone who you shared the video with previously. To change the password, type in a new password and save it.

Interaction with other Features

Account, User, & Property Permissions

Account User PermissionsAccount User Permissions are also applied to video sharing. Users with “Read Only” account permissions for the JWP dashboard cannot share video or access privacy controls. All other user types (Admin, Manager, Content Editor) are able to set, remove, and change passwords for the shared video.
DNS MaskingDNS Masking is not currently supported for video sharing. If this is a feature you would like to see implemented, please contact our support team to submit a feature request.

Content Control

URL (Token) SigningIf URL (Token) Signing is enabled in your property settings, that will also be enforced for your video share. The signed token duration will be set to 3 hours by default