Troubleshoot data capture issues

Basic Troubleshooting

If you have players operating on your site, but see no data in the Analytics section of your dashboard, there could be an issue with how you've setup your custom player embed. For more information on how to embed your player properly to enable platform services (like Analytics), please click here.

The most common cause of data capture issues is that an external url is used without a reference to a JWP Media ID.

Creating your own Media IDs

You can create your own media IDs to send to analytics. If you choose to create your own Media ID for use in a setup, the ID must be exactly 8 characters in length.

You set it by assigning your custom media ID to the mediaId property.

In the web player:

  • for single content items here.
  • for players with playlists, each item can be specified as in here.

In the mobile SDKs, the property is only available for playlist items:


We highly recommend you use the unique Media IDs generated in the JWP dashboard in order to generate the full range of data available in your analytics dashboard.

How to Apply Media IDs to Embeds

  1. Get Media IDs for your content via the Dashboard or the API.
  2. Embed all content using JWP Media IDs
    <div id="player"></div>
        var player=jwplayer('player');
            playlist: "",
            mediaid: "E2rR5kCF"


If you use JW Platform to host your content, or if you use the dashboard to add externally hosted URLs and generate embed code, your setup work is already done for you.