Monitor audience retention

Discover the extent to which your audience watches your content.

Audience retention measures how well a video maintains the attention of its viewers throughout playback. JWP represents this measure as a graph displaying the duration of the video that viewers have watched before clicking away or stopping the playback.

The Audience Retention graph displays the following items:

  • Lifetime Total Viewers who have watched the media
  • Remaining Viewers at a specific timestamp
  • Time Watched at the timestamp
  • Play button to play the video and watch how retention changes during playback

By clicking at any point along the timeline, you can see the Remaining Viewers at any timestamp.


Audience Retention graph under a video preview

High audience retention throughout a media item indicates that it is engaging and successful in keeping the viewers interested. Low audience retention highlights opportunities to improve the aspects of the media.

Understanding audience retention can help you identify weaknesses in storytelling, pacing, video quality, and relevance to the target audience.

Access the Audience Retention graph

Use the following steps to access the Audience Retention data for an individual media item:

  1. From your JWP Media Library, click the name of a video. The details page for the video appears.
  2. In the preview section, click the caret to expand Audience Retention.


Does the Audience Retention graph contain real-time data?

No. Audience retention data is updated periodically throughout the day.

Can audience retention be monitored for media in an App?

No. The Audience Retention graph does not display analytics for media in an App. To analyze media performance, you can create a Custom Report.