Create a static ingest point

Learn how to create a reusable ingest point

When producing repeated live events, an ingest point allows you to configure your encoder to push to a fixed ingest URL and have the live stream receive its input.

An ingest point is a non-unique, persistent URL designed to receive source input from your encoder. Ingest points support SRT and RTMP formats and can be attached to only one live stream at a time.

Ingest points offer several benefits:

  • Consistent encoder configuration while allowing separate management of the source input destination
  • Automatic routing of any received source to the attached live stream
  • Reuse in subsequent live streams


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Create an ingest point

Create ingest point panel

Create ingest point panel

Follow these steps to create an ingest point:

  1. On the Live Streaming page, click Broadcast Live > Manage ingest points. The Ingest points list page appears.
  2. Click Create ingest point. The Create ingest point panel appears.
  3. Enter an ingest Name.
  4. Choose an Ingest format.
  5. Click Create. The new ingest point will appear on the Ingest points list page.