Enable Social Login (BETA)

Allow your viewers to register and sign in using their social media accounts.


This is a beta offering. You can request access to this beta feature through your JWP Account Manager.

By using this documentation, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of the JWP Beta Program Agreement.

Using Social Login, your viewers can seamlessly register and log in to your platform using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts, eliminating the need for using standard paywall registration and login forms.


Item Description
Identity Management entitlement Contact your JWP representative for more information

Set up Social Login

Use the following steps to enable Social Login for your app:

  1. On the Properties list page, click the name of a property.
  2. On the Social Media Signin tab, click the toggle to ON.
  3. (Optional) Click Add Custom Setup. The social media custom setup panel appears.


    By default, JWP’s social apps are used for authentication. Configuring this setting allows you to connect your own social apps.

  4. Use the instructions at the top of the panel to create the social media-specific app for Social Connect.
  5. Fill in the social media-specific fields.
  6. Click Save. After the fields have been validated, the panel closes.

Once Social Login has been enabled for a social media platform, the social login buttons will appear on the paywall.