Add live content to your apps

You can engage your viewers with live content. A Live Event allows you to show time-bound events that are available for replay after the Live Event has ended. A 24x7 live channel allows you to show your viewers a continuous live stream.

The following capabilities are available during playback:

  • Adaptive streaming of your content in up to full HD resolution
  • Standard (~30s) and low latency (~10s) streaming modes
  • DVR controls, enabling the pausing or re-starting of live events
  • Rendering of closed captions embedded as 608/708 data
  • Monetization of the live stream with server-side ads

Live Events

OTT Apps can show a Live Event to your viewers. A Live Event has a content card and a landing page. When a Live Event is in progress, Live is displayed on the content card.


OTT Apps content card for a Live Event

After a Live Event has ended, Live is removed from the content card. Like other videos in your OTT Apps, the content card of the Live Event replay displays the title and duration. The Live Event remains available under the same content card and landing screen.

Create a dynamic playlist

When adding a Live Event to your OTT Apps, create a dynamic playlist to group your Live Events together.

Use the following steps to create a dynamic playlist:

  1. From the playlist list page, click Create.
  2. Click the Dynamic tile.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Replace Untitled Dynamic Playlist with a title such as Live.
  5. On the BASIC tab under Order, select Most Recently Published from the Sort by dropdown menu.
  6. On the BASIC tab under Filter by Tag, click the Include videos by tag toggle to ON.
  7. In the Start typing a tag text box, enter live.
  8. Click ADD.
  9. Click SAVE.

Set up the Live Event

After creating the playlist to group your current and past Live Events, use the following steps to set up your Live Event:

  1. Create a Live Channel. In the Tags and Custom Parameters section in the TAGS text box, type live and click +Add.
    Each time you create a Live Event within this Live Channel, the live tag is applied to the event. Then, the event is automatically added to your Live Events dynamic playlist.
  2. Configure your encoder settings.
  3. When your event is live, broadcast your live event stream.


Now that you have created a Live playlist and set up your Live Channel for your Live Event, you can take the following actions:

24x7 Live

OTT Apps can also include 24x7 channels from any source that delivers HLS-compliant streams. The following is a sample list of 24x7 stream providers:

  • JWP
  • Amagi
  • Frequency
  • Elemental
  • Wurl

Use the following steps to set up a 24x7 live channel:

  1. From your JWP dashboard Media Library, click Upload from URL. The Upload from URL panel appears.
  2. In the text box, enter the URL of the HLS stream.
  3. Select No, don't host media on import.
  4. Click Add URLs. The details page for the video appears.
  5. Click the name of the video to rename the video the same name of the 24x7 live channel.
  6. Enter a Description. The description appears on the 24x7 live channel landing screen.


    The best descriptions are typically 150-500 characters and span 3-5 lines.

  7. Under Tags, add a tag to define the genre of the channel.
    • Click Single tag, enter the tag, and click Add.
    • Click Multiple Tags, enter a comma-separated list of tags.
    • Click Add.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Upload a custom static preview file. This file is used as the poster image for the 24x7 live channel.

What’s Next