Connect a Facebook account

Connecting a Facebook account in your user profile provides you another way to share your videos with your followers. After you connect your Facebook account, you can use the dashboard to publish your videos directly to Facebook Pages that you own or manage.


Although you can only connect one Facebook account to a JWP profile, you can publish your videos to any Facebook Page managed by the Facebook account that you have connected.

Use the following video and steps to connect your Facebook account.

  1. From your JWP dashboard, click the gear icon at the top of the page > Profile. Your user Profile page appears.
  2. In the Apps and Integrations section, click Connect next to Facebook. The Facebook authentication popup screen appears.
  3. Enter your Facebook credentials and click Log In.
  4. Follow the instructions to grant JWP permission to post to your Facebook account. After granting JWP permission, the Facebook authentication popup screen closes. Your Facebook account will be listed in the Apps and Integrations section of your user Profile page.

Now that you have connected your Facebook account, you can publish video to Facebook. JWP uses your connected Facebook account only to publish videos that you have scheduled.